Friday, 20 February 2015



Men love breasts just as much as women love their breasts to be stimulated via their breasts, filled with hyper-sensitive nerve endings that get stimulated when touched, sucked or licked.
Unfortunately, many men avoid a woman's breasts as soon as she gets pregnant because they believe the breast milk is harmful for adults.
But, can an adult also take breast milk? Yes.
In fact, breast milk is quite beneficial for adults too, increase an adult's immunity as it does in children.
  1. Breast milk can help tackle cancer. Pauline Sakamoto of a milk bank in San Jose said, “Adults with cancer, digestive disorders and immune disorders may drink several ounces of milk daily or weekly to ease the ravages of chemotherapy, bolster their immune systems and improve their digestion."
  2. Breast milk cures and protects from a wide range of ailments. Best For Babes lists a number of ailments curable by breast milk. They include are conjunctivitis, burns, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis, stroke, traumatic brain injury,  diabetes and Parkinson’s, acne, diarrhea etc.
  3. Breast milk eliminates pain from digestive disorders: A probiotic found in breast milk reduces or eliminates painful cramping in the gut caused by digestive disorders. The Times Of India writes that "increasing the intake of this bacterium may help alleviate symptoms of a wide range of gut disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, functional bowel disorders, and constipation."
  4. Breast milk helps to manage bladder tumors: Quoting a Swedish research report, the Daily Mail of UK wrote "the sizes of bladder tumours were reduced just five days after patients were injected with a breast milk compound.
However, an adult will need more than the nutrients found in breast milk — a baby can live on breast milk alone but the adult will need to combine it with regular food.
Martin Binks, a clinical director of Bink Behavioral Health said "breast milk cannot provide all we, as adults, need nutritionally..."
So men, you can go ahead and suck your wife's boobs when she is pregnant.
But... don't drink a stranger's breast milk because HIV can be passed through it!


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