Friday, 20 February 2015



To keep a romantic relationship sex free is a good thing sometimes, and very difficult.
In most cases where this occurs, both parties involved are more often than not distracted and only half-committed.
This is because sex, by modern definitions, is seen as the culmination of physical and emotional attraction – without sex it seems the relationship is not really there.
After a while, they drift apart and it’s over…
So, though not all relationships must have sex, here are some reasons why you might want to consider adding sex to yours….
  1. It connects you both. When two people have been in a relationship for a while, there is a tendency for things to get slow and mundane. This is often more acute in relationships where there is no sex. Sex has a way of rebooting the love server such that you remain emotionally and physically connected after every session. To be sincere, some relationships will not really click until sex is introduced and the bedroom groove is locked in.
  2. When it comes to relationship trust is boosted by sex. Many relationships have crumbled because of the fact that both parties are noncommittal. Especially with men, a lover is considered a bit of an outsider until that intimacy only tangled naked bodies can give is achieved. Sex is the ultimate surrender, a sign that you trust each other enough to share your most personal asset/secret. If you don’t get trusted after sex, then you will never get it in that relationship.
  3. Keep things hot and fiery. There is nothing like sex to get back the energy and lift the spirits after a hectic day at work. The danger of not having sex and all that romantic intimacy is that you drift away not because you want to, but just because of tiredness So keep things hot in between you too and your love will probably remain locked down.
  4. Making-up after a breakup get easier. Have you heard of make-up sex? Well, when there’s sex history between you both, it’s easier to get over those inevitable break ups. If you’ve gone down and dirty together, chances are he or she would be willing to let bygones be bygones soon as an opportunity to do it again comes. So it’s like an insurance policy.
  5. You guys can just burn stay fit together. You know, you guys could actually use sex as a joint fat burning time together. Studies reveal that about 144+ calories is burnt per half-hour of sex.  So why not do the exercise and burn the calories as you stay fit?


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