Friday, 20 February 2015


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Due to many years of abuse caused by inappropriate cosmetics, a lot of us have damaged our skin, but not to worry, Mother Nature has provided solutions all around us, we just have to know what to look out for, here are five natural ways to repair our skin.
  1. Water – Everyone knows a permanent solution works from inside out that is why water is our obvious first solution. It is cheap and available everywhere. We just have to drink at least 8 glasses every day in order for it to work its magic.
  2. Aloe Vera Gel - Some of us have this in our backyards and do not even realise what we have. This gel does a lot of things, it moisturizes, treats acne and sunburn, fights aging, and reduces the visibility of stretch marks.
  3. Coconut Oil – I can personally testify that it rejuvenates and refreshes our skin. It is easily available and is inexpensive. It can also be used on our hair.
  4. Shea Butter – This is commonly known as Ori by the Yorubas and is used for everything from eczema to treating dry skin and stretch marks. It is best in its raw, unrefined form and can be used on its own or mixed with coconut oil. It is also very affordable.
  5. Ground Periwinkle Shell – This is an unorthodox method but it works wonders as well. We extract the periwinkles out of the shells, wash the shells properly, and then roast it until it’s dry. When properly dried, grind the shells until its smooth, it is then used in two ways. For oily skin, the ground shell is mixed with egg whites and applied at night before going to bed while the ground shell is mixed with any natural oil for dry skin. This method is popular among the Ibibios.


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