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When do I wear what? There are three categories that break this answer down. They are age, event and season. Age is not a huge factor to take into consideration, but it is one. Some people, however, are under the presumption that, say, a 23 year old's nose cannot appreciate a high class cologne. This is bunk. The caveat, however, is that wearing a $200 bottle of a cologne is fairly useless in a high school setting. Season is a pretty logical one, actually. Wearing a strong, musky woods scent can be overpowering in hot, summer weather and scents consisting of marine or aqua notes are too weak in a cold winter.

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    What do I wear when? This is not a question that can be easily answered, so I will divide it into situations and explain a good scent to wear.
    • 15 year old in high school. If you're in high school, chances are the most formal thing you're going to is the school dance. A decent cologne for the age group would be Reaction by Kenneth Cole. It smells good for a Kenneth Cole, is relatively cheap, common and projects well. It smells like melon and apple at the top, and sandalwood at the base. Good workhorse. Alternatively, there's Paul Smith for Men, which basically smells like nice cut grass. It's a light everyday scent, exactly what you need.
    • First day at your new big office job. You're going to need to make a good impression on your new boss and colleagues. A good choice is Caron's The Third Man, consisting of lavender and spices that never gets offensive. This is a warm and confident cologne and will develop great over the day.
    • Clubbing. My favorite club scent is A*men. It consists entirely of chocolate and vanilla.. with more chocolate.. and more chocolate.. It endures hours of sweaty dancing and has great projection. Plus, women love it.
    • Formal dinner. Himalaya by Creed works wonders here. It smells like cool winter air mixed with woods. This scent is pricey and does not last longer than a few hours but it's worth it. People, this is what money smells like.
    • Please help me I need a woman. Envy by Gucci is a great cologne for attracting women. This is not an everyday scent, but the opposite gender reacts well to it. Woods, spices, tobacco and incense make this a good choice.
    • Normal, everyday use. DKNY Be Delicious is a good choice for casual wear. It's sweet and light so it'll work in the summer and it has enough spices to work in the fall. It is also relatively easy to find.
    • A light summer scent. Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue for him is a new and fresh cologne which is great for teenagers and even some kids since it has a great light scent that doesn't have the extreme strength of the original cologne, Dolce and Gabbana, light blue is good for spring and summer, the original cologne is good for autumn and winter and it has a more stronger and adult scent, but light blue can be worn by more age groups.
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    So, how do I apply this stuff? Cologne reacts to body heat, so the best places to apply are on the wrists and around the chest/neck. My routine is to apply one spray to the left wrist and one spray on the right wrist. Then, I spray once or twice on the chest. Some people like to put some on the back of the neck to create a scent trail or on the backs of the ears, and don't rub the cologne in it breaks down the molecules and doesn't last as long as it should. In any case, use discretion. You don't need to let everyone know you're coming.
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    So.. what about deodorant? Unscented deodorant will be your best bet from now on. I swear by Mitchum. A definite no-no is using any deodorant with stupid smells like "Ocean Wave" or "Jazz Fusion" or whatever.
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    Where do I get this stuff? There are lots of eBay retailers that are reputable (remember to check feedback), and that's probably where the best deals will be found. For real world stores, try Neiman Marcus, Sephora or any department store like Macy's.


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