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Select bottles in which to store your oil, and estimate how much oil you will need to make in order to fill the bottles.
  • Glass bottles with cork stoppers are ideal for gift-giving. Some are available in decorative shapes. If your oil is for personal use, you may want to get plastic bottles from a beauty supply or craft store.
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    Pour light-colored, nourishing base oil into the bottles. Fill them about 3/4 of the way to the rim.
    • Recommended base oils include almond, avocado, light sesame and sunflower. These oils are easily absorbed into the skin. They are light in color so they won't stain your clothing, and they are nearly scentless, allowing you to add the scent of your choice.
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    Add drops of essential oil into the base oil for scent and aromatherapy.
    • Customize your body oil using the essential oils. If you prefer a stronger scent, add more essential oil. If you like lighter scents, only add a few drops of essential oil. Combine essential oils to create more complex scents. For example, rose and orange essential oils complement each other, as do lavender and lemon essential oils.
    • Body oil can be made to have therapeutic qualities using essential oils. For example, ginger oil is known to be stimulating, and eucalyptus oil is known to be healing.
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    Place thoroughly dried flowers and herbs into your bottles of oil. Over time they will add color and scent to the base oil.
    • These can also be customized based on the scents and therapeutic properties you prefer. They also add a visually aesthetic value to your oil, since they can be seen inside the clear bottles. Common additions include rose petals, mint leaves and rosemary sprigs.
    • You may choose to leave dried herbs and flowers out of your oil, or to use them in place of essential oils.
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    Place the stopper or cap on your oil bottle and gently shake it to combine all elements.
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    Optionally decorate the bottle with ribbon or small charms.
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