Tuesday, 17 March 2015

A happy couple

culled from:pulse.ng

With friends and relatives getting married here and there, you may  start thinking about your own relationship and whether it'll ever be you walking down that aisle.
It's indeed something worth wondering about. Here are nine signs to help you identify that he's The One.
You don't need to tick them all off, but if you don't recognise any of these, you probably want to re-assess.
  1. You can't imagine life without him: No matter what life throws at you, where you go, or jobs you take, you know that you'll want to do it with him by your side.
  2. You have fun hanging out together: He's not just your lover, he makes you laugh like no other. He's the one person you just have to tell. Exciting news, or a story to share, we all have someone who is our default option. In a great relationship, this is him. This doesn't mean to the exclusion of all others, just that he's top of the list.
  3. Silence is not terrifying: Sometimes it is nice to be peaceful; together. You know when you're in the right relationship when you can spend a multi hour journey together and there is no pressure to be filling every silence with words.
  4. You feel totally yourself around him: You realise one day that you feel completely comfortable around him. Not just no make up and leaving the bathroom door open, but that you don't have to hide your feelings or thoughts.
  5. You still fancy him as much as the day you met him: And you don't think about your ex. Or any of your exes.
  6. In return, he supports and encourages you to be the best you can: And he allows you to be an individual within the relationship. There's no dependency from either of you, only support.
  7. Your sexual expectations match: Everyone is different and every relationship goes through natural ebbs and flows, but the match that is a keeper is where sexual needs are balanced.
  8. You can talk about (and then work out) any issue: No topic can be off limits. You don't always have to agree, but you do have to be able to raise something without judgement or fear. When you can do this and reach an amicable solution, you know you're in the right relationship.
  9. You want to support his interests and want him to succeed: You don't have to do it (or watch it) yourself to be supportive. When you genuinely want him to spend time pursuing his interests, you know that you're compatible.


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