Monday, 16 March 2015

Unhappy couple


When you are in a relationship that is destined to crash and burn, there are some telltale signs you should look out for.
This doesn't mean that if one or two of these things are part of your relationship then it will fail but if you can nod your head sadly at more than you can dismiss then it might be time to re-evaluate your romantic situation.
Check out the danger signs below:
  1. You pretend you're single to other people: Something is terribly wrong if you avoid all mention of your relationship status. If you have 'It's Complicated' on your Facebook profile, then you might as well replace it with 'It's Doomed'.
  2. Compromise no longer exist: You actively avoid doing things your partner likes rather than embracing them to learn more about what makes them tick.
  3. Pet names become insults: Instead of calling your partner bae or princess, you call them less flattering names which we can't type here. And you sort of mean them.
  4. Competition is a huge part of the relationship: You are constantly trying to outdo your partner in things such as who makes the biggest salary or who the dog wags its tail more for.
  5. You don't say bye when you go to work: If the last thing you say is to remind your partner that its blue bin day then something is wrong.
  6. Sex is no longer exciting: It has become a chore and masturbation has become preferable as its quicker and less effort. Bad!
  7. Going to a restaurant is about the food more than the romance: You're too busy taking a photo of your starter than staring into your lover's eyes or feeding them one of your meatballs.
  8. You notice your partner's noisy eating: Their apple crunching drives you insane and even the TV being turned up to volume 100 won't stop you from noticing it.
  9. You blame your partner rather than defend them: If someone calls out your significant other about something, you should be making excuses for them rather than agreeing. Even if the criticism is 100% correct.
  10. Your humour isn't compatible: If you are the self proclaimed king of sarcasm but your lover doesn't get irony, then there will be a lot of misunderstandings.
  11. You are ashamed of your partner: Rather than finding it endearing that they love a particular TV show, you get snobby about it. Take your partner as they are or don't take them at all.
  12. You go to bed without resolving arguments: If you can sleep easily while on bad terms, then you simply don't care enough.
  13. You run out of things to talk about: You've been working away all weekend and you make a long distance call. When the topics dry up within five minutes, this can only get worse over time.
Listening to your heart is the only way forward. And, if you can sit down and laugh about some of these together with your partner, even if you recognise most, then you've made it guys.

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