Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Unhappy lady

culled from:pulse.ng

Have you ever wondered why your date never called again after the first meeting?
You could have sworn there was a real connection - you even kissed! Yet, three or four days has passed and you still haven't heard from him. Why?
Here are three reasons why that first date turned out to be the last:
  1. You had a physical connection, but nothing more: When you meet a guy, and the physical connection outranks everything else, you will be left with a guy who, in the morning, remembers that the physical connection came easy. He didn't actually have to do anything to win you over.
  2. The conquest was too easy: Men and people don't value things that are too easy to get. After the first date or meeting if he left assured that you want him then you're more likely to get that second date. He will view you as not valuable because it was too easy or worse yet he will view you as his mother.
  3. He wanted you in the moment: Men often get caught up in the moment. Especially if it's late at night and they've been drinking. He wanted you then because you were in front of him and it was easy. In the sober light of the morning he realized he doesn't know you after all.
The second date comes when you require it to happen. This happens organically when a man senses your self love and realizes you are worth the effort he should put in. This means that you like him but not more than you like yourself.
Keep this in mind, require a dating phase and you will be having as many second dates as you want.


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