Friday, 13 March 2015

A happy couple


Sometimes in relationships, couples can grow apart having been together for so long.
This could be as a result of years of unresolved issues or lack of excitement.
Despite these problems, some couples still hope to stay together with hopes that everything would work out fine eventually.
Here are some tips on how to revive love in your relationship:
  • Give and expect nothing in return: Gifts like purses, jewelry, and flowers are nice, but those can feel insincere sometimes. If you really want to show her you care, give her something that will make her life easier (a new treadmill is not a bad idea). Do something that will please your partner. Give of yourself.
  • Be compassionate: Put yourself in your partner's shoe. Try to understand what he or she is feeling. Work is stressful. Life is full of conflict. Having a person on your side, without judgment or criticism is a comforting stress reliever.
  • Talk to each other: There is nothing a woman loves more than a heart to heart conversation. Just talk to her. Ask about her day, her job, and her friends. Be there for her. Show her that you care. Look at her. Listen to what she says. Believe it or not, a face-to-face conversation can be extremely intimate. Ladies, let him talk too. Let him tell you how annoying the guy who sits next to him at work was or how terrible his favourite sports team played. You'll be surprised to see how romantic a conversation can be.
  • Be on the same team: Relationships are not competitions. You are not against each other; you are there for each other, cheering each other on as teammates.
  • Plan a date night: You don't have to go to a five-star restaurant or a movie to have a date night. Date nights can be just as romantic in the comfort of your own bedroom. Turn off the television and shut the devices. Be cute and playful. Even if you're tired, make an effort to rekindle your romance.
  • Peace is more important than being right: You really don't have to fight every battle. Most battles are not worth fighting over. And you don't have to prove you are right every time. Your relationship is more important than your ego.
  • Mind your words: Do you say, 'I love you,' so often that it has lost its meaning? Of course, there is nothing wrong with expressing love often. It is important that your loved one feels that your words are sincere. Express genuine love so that it enters your lover's heart.
  • Focus on each other: If you find your mind wandering to the pile of papers on your desk at work, bring your thoughts back to each other. Keep your attention on the person in front of you. Just like during meditation, it's a mind exercise that might need a little retraining but it will happen.
  • Be positive: It's easy to get on each other's nerves but if you want to fall in love again, forget your list of negative complaints. Dump the negativity in the trash. Starting from a tiny thought in your mind, it grows until it's so big it's the only thing you see when you look at the other person. Remember the person you couldn’t live without for even five minutes? The person you adored? The positive traits are still there. You just have to look a little harder now to see them. Give each other compliments.


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