Friday, 20 February 2015

Love in the air


One of the hardest things for a many men to express is their feeling for a woman, especially a beautiful woman.
This is because the average man fears rejection from a woman more than he would fear a suicide bomber — that’s an exaggeration though.
So you could be all friendly with this handsome dude and think he’s not in love with you when he actually is, only held back by the fear that you may say no to his love advances.
To make matters worse, some ladies make themselves hard to get with comments that scare him even further when what he needs is just an encouraging look, word or gesture and he will spit out the ‘I LOVE YOU’ line faster than flash.
So if you have a male friend, here are the signs to look for to know if he’s madly in love with you:
  1. He touches you by mistake every time. One touch is a mistake but many touches mean the dude is magnetically connected to you and wants to hold you. Those small touches on your arm, back shoulder… mean a lot.
  2. He introduces you to his friends. When man likes a woman, he wants to show her off to his friends. If this is happening, then you should know he’s more than just a friend.
  3. He lets you meet his family. Getting to meet his family is definitely a sign of deep commitment. Even the most randy of guys will not show you off to his family for the fun of it.
  4. He acts jealous. Why would a guy be jealous when he’s not interested? Trust me, when a guy goes cranky when he sees you with another dude, then he’s felling competitive.
  5. He includes you in his plans or hints it. A guy that tells you of his future plans and somehow ropes you inside it. Or asks you about your plans in line with his, then he’s envisaging a future with you both inside. He might make it like a joke, but its love.
  6. He likes to just talk with you. When a guy can sit with you for hours just talking with you, then he’s hooked. A guy with passing interest has no time to talk for that long. So if he talks, he rocks too.
  7. He wants to be with you always. Truth be told, guys don’t just spend time with every random girl, repeatedly. If a guy makes excuses to be with you, then he wants to be with you. Those casual meetings, when it’s frequent mean something more.
  8. He stares at you. If a guy stares at you for too long, whether or not you’ve just met, then he’s interested. If this continues over a long period, then you should know he’s in love with you. Guys don’t stare unless they’re interested.
  9. He asks personal questions. A guy who wants just sex from you or just wants to talk for a while will not bother about intimate questions. But if you are in a casual/platonic relationship with a guy who asks very personal questions, then you should know the guy is in love or on the way. When a man desires a woman deeply he wants to know her deepest secrets, her inspirations and aspirations.
  10. He is protective and defensive of you. A guy protects what and who he loves. If you find him going out of his way to defend and protect you in different situations, then he sees you as his responsibility. He’s in love.
  11. He seeks and respects your opinion. If your opinion counts in his personal affairs then he’s in love. A man that asks what you think about important decisions and takes your advice wants more of you. If he also compromises for you, then he’s roped.
Remember, guys find it very difficult expressing their feelings and you might need to give them a nudge to boost that ego.
Do it when you see the above signs and you both will be happier for it.


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