Friday 20 February 2015

Couple embracing


You love your man and you want him to be aware of it as much as possible, but is that really necessary?
The answer is yes. It is important for you to reaffirm your feelings for your boyfriend regularly as a way to strengthen your relationship.
Here are five ways you can remind your man that you love him:
  1. Text messages: A quick "I love you" text during the day while he's at work will really have an effect on him. There's something absolutely sweet about an unexpected loving text message from you that can brighten his whole day.
  2. Random gifts: You don't have to wait till it's his birthday or your anniversary before you buy him a gift. It doesn't have to be expensive - just make sure it's something he look at again and again and remember how much you love him. Gifts like cuff links, neck ties and even paper back jotters are simple gifts that all guys appreciate.
  3. Get to know his friends: One of the ways you can show love to your man is by being friendly with his friends and getting to know them. It tells him that you care about him and accept him completely, including his friends. He will respect you for this and know for certain that you love him.
  4. Alone time: As much as you love to spend time with your man all day, you still need to let him have some time alone. Being clingy will only make him feel suffocated by your presence, but from time to time, you need to give him space and give him the opportunity to actually miss you.
  5. Short notes: There's nothing as sweet as the good old-fashioned way of expressing your feelings. In this social media age, we tend to forget those things that made relationships tick in the olden days. A handwritten note to your boyfriend shows him that you take him seriously enough to pen down how you feel for him. Sometimes, when you are on a date, you can scribble a quick "I love you" or "You're the best" on a tissue and give to him while you're enjoying a nice meal. Trust me, it's going to melt his heart!


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