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Keep fresh and clean by washing everyday. This means showering or bathing everyday - the evening is best time, that way, you don't need to wake up early, but if you sweat in the night, consider showering/bathing in the morning, or both.

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    Wash your hair whenever it starts to show any sign of greasiness or dirtiness. Usually, hair starts to become greasy after 2 or 3 days - but it depends on what shampoo you use, as it may be the next day you need to wash it again. Washing and conditioning your hair will keep it fresh and smelling sweet - you don't want it to smell greasy and dirty, do you?
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    Try a scented bath oil or bubble bath. This will keep your skin sweet-smelling. It can also be very relaxing, too. Tip: If you need to wash your hair while you're bathing, try washing it first and then adding the bath oil/bath bubbles, or simply tip your head over the bath and use the shower head to wash your hair. Then put it up in a shower cap, or in a high ponytail or bun. You don't want to get your hair oily and sticky.
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    Adding a few sprinkles of your favorite perfume to the bottom of your shower will create sweet-smelling steam.
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    Use a scented shower gel and body wash. This is will help cleanse your skin while keeping it fresh smelling, and some will even help keep your skin soft and supple, too.
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    Once you have finished your bath or shower, apply a little body cream or body butter to damp or dry skin. Moisturizing spray is also good for adding fragrance - and moisture to the skin. It will keep skin smooth, too. Soap&Glory have some fab products for this sort of thing.
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    Spray some perfume you like the smell of onto a clean towel, pop it in the tumble dryer or on the radiator for a few minutes, and it should smell absolutely divine. Note: Placing it on the radiator won't give as miraculous results as popping it in the tumble dryer.
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    Place an air-freshener in your bedroom to keep the room smelling sweet.
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    Open any windows to dispose of all unwanted smells.
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    Unwrap a bar of strongly scented soap and place it on the bottom of your wardrobe for an instant clothing refresher.

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    Next time you hit the shops - visit Boots or Dingles and look for some tester perfumes. Spray some onto the piece of tester card, and keep it to put in the bottom of your clothes drawers to keep you're clothes smelling sweet!
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    Use a nicely scented washing powder to keep your clothes smelling fresh and fragrant.
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    Make sure you wash your clothes as soon as they need washing. Don't leave it to four days later, when the smell starts to increase.
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    Wear fresh clothes everyday.
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    If your shoes smell, make sure you keep them clean. Wash them in the washing machine and then leave them to dry in the airing cupboard overnight. Spraying a light mist of perfume to them is great if you are on-the-go. You could also try adding washing machine tablets to them and leave them by an open window while you are not wearing them.
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    Before you leave the house, spray your body with a light mist of body spray, use some roll-on deodorant (but make sure it is an organic one!), and spritz on some perfume. Eau de toilette is nice, but more mellow if you are looking for a strong scent.
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    Repeat these methods day-after-day for absolute perfection!


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