When you run a business, you are always on the go. Whether it is going to a meeting with a potential investor, hiring a new employee, or simply running out for some necessary coffee to continue your day, you barely ever have time to sit down and devote yourself to anything but work. It seems like hectic days are the norm.

Productivity Tools Help You Work Smarter

Fortunately, there are plenty of mobile apps for business productivity to help busy entrepreneurs stay on top of things while optimizing performance, including...
  1. Workshare: Sometimes you just cannot leave your work at the office, and things have to get done at home. But, it is incredibly easy to forget a flash drive on your desk. And sometimes file sharing platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox may not be secure enough for sensitive documents. That is where Workshare comes in; the primarily mobile platform can link across all devices, including computers, to make sure that you have access to your work at any point in time, especially sensitive documents.
  2. Pocket: In order to have great content for your business's social media pages or blog, you need to go through tons of content every day to keep your finger on the pulse of your industry. Pocket is used for just that; you can save content you have come across--any kind of content--to read later or archive to look at trends. Use it when you feel fatigued from a content overload as well to make sure that your content analyzing skills stay sharp and discerning.
  3. UX Write: So busy you are barely ever in your office, but still need to get work done? If this is the case, then you need UX Write, an app for the iPad touted as the first full-service word processor for the device. Instead of taking forever to handle complex documents, UX Write opens them with ease. It does more than create plain word documents however; it can also create books and reports in addition to a few other high-powered documents many other processors would not be able to handle. It is not free, but it is pretty cheap at $14.99; incredibly worth it for the busy entrepreneur.
  4. Evernote: This free app serves as a way to easily jot down and organize ideas--not only is it a mobile app, but it is available on PCs as well, making it a great tool for the entrepreneur on the go to use to make sure that nothing is lost. When you are as busy running a business, things are bound to be forgotten every so often, which you cannot afford. Ever since Evernote became free because of the evolution of hosting, it's made it easy for millions of people across the world to sync their data. Since Evernote is available on all devices and syncs, it makes it almost impossible to lose anything.
  5. Waze: One part of being an entrepreneur in many niche industries is you have to travel to grow your business. This is a stressful experience, especially when you have to drive around in an unfamiliar city with unfamiliar traffic patterns. Waze provides traffic updates and navigation, and it is made by the people who use it, with their info being used to give the best routes. Because of this, it is incredibly accurate and user-friendly.
  6. EchoSign: This app not necessarily budget friendly for large companies, but it is incredibly useful. Bringing the EchoSign contract technology to iOS means traveling salesmen and entrepreneurs can take care of business all at once in person, saving time and nailing the sale. EchoSign for iOS is absolutely necessary for any entrepreneur whose niche requires contracts and sales. Even though it has the hefty price tag of $299 for a large company, the investment is well worth it. On the plus side, if you are an individual or a group of up to five individuals, using EchoSign for iOS is free, which makes it even more indispensable.
What other tools have you found that help your business?