Thursday, 19 February 2015

Heartbroken lady


Sometimes, love isn't just enough to sustain a relationship even after many years of dating.
So how do you move on when your relationship ends abruptly and you suddenly come face-to-face with the painful reality that the one who you believed held your heart has already put it in an envelope marked "return to sender". 
Below are some tips to help you cope with such a situation:
  • Allow yourself some time to grieve, sulk, pout and cry about the ending of your relationship. It is perfectly normal to feel sad about your breakup. Your grieving time helps you to have things in perspective and consider how to heal once and for all.
  • Erase all the old texts, phone numbers and any other contact information that you have on your ex. You might even go as far as deleting his pictures too. This is the cleansing phase of moving on.
  • Delete your ex from your social media accounts. While you might think it is a good idea to keep him as a 'friend' it might prove to be more painful watching them move forward without you. Save yourself the hurt and cut yourself from him completely.
  • If you have joint property or bills together, separate those things immediately, if you can't come to an amicable decision consider mediation or going to court. Just ensure that you get rid of anything that ties you to him in anyway.
  • Consider therapy or other health and wellness alternatives to help you process your breakup if you are finding yourself unable to cope with the breakup. Talk to friends or family members who can actually help you tips and pieces of advice on how to move on.
  • Take this time to learn and love you.  Find out what you enjoy to do, become interested in dating yourself so you know what you have to offer in your next relationship. Get to know yourself better.
  • Stop fantasizing on how you think it could be, don't stand still waiting to see if your ex will come running back to you. Move forward with the understanding that the door has been closed on the relationship and there is nothing to return for.
A heart break is not the end of the world, many people have experienced it and they came out of it. That means you too can come out of it.
Learn to love yourself more and refuse to settle for less, no more what.


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