Thursday, 19 February 2015



Make Perfumed Body Mist Step 1.jpg
Pick a bottle. Make sure you have something to store your own personalized perfume in. You don't want to get started only to realize you have nothing to store it in. You can also get a cute bow or ribbon to wrap around your bottle. This will add a cute, flirty look to your perfume.

  1. Make Perfumed Body Mist Step 2.jpg
    Find a scent. Do you have a lotion you love? Or maybe two perfumes you love mixing? Or even an essential oil you love. It could be almond, mint, vanilla, coconut, etc. You can use anything you would like, remember, this is yours!
  2. Make Perfumed Body Mist Step 3.jpg
    Mix. Fill your bottle about three quarters of the way with warm water. Purified water heated in the microwave is the best to reduce the amount of impurities in the water. Add in whatever scent you have chosen in small amounts until you get the desired scent. Do this slowly, especially if you are using essential oils, because a little goes a long way.
  3. Make Perfumed Body Mist Step 4.jpg
    Shake well to combine. You don't want to have an uneven mixture. Shake the bottle about ten times to thoroughly combine.
  4. Make Perfumed Body Mist Step 5.jpg
    Spray and smell. Do you like your scent? Is it strong enough? Too strong? Adjust water and scent contents enough until you reach the best mixture for you.
  5. Make Perfumed Body Mist Step 6.jpg
    Enjoy. Congratulations, you now have your own perfume! You can use this all over or spray some in the bottom of your shower for an amazing aromatic spa.


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