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Wash: If you are aiming to smell good, you have to start with a fresh and clean base every day. Shampoo and condition your hair on a regular basis and use a yummy smelling bar of soap/shower gel for a subtle scent.

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    Soap: Keep your hands clean with some pretty smelling soap. Nearly everything we do requires us using our hands, so it's natural for them to become dirty. Keep a small bar of soap or some fresh smelling sanitizer close by at all times to ensure soft, clean hands.
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    Deodorant: The next step to smelling lovely is to wear deodorant. Don't wear an overpowering scent, just something soft and effective. Keep your deodorant handy in case you need to re-apply.
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    Perfume: When you wear perfume during the daytime, wear a floral, fruity or fresh scented product. Try to find one that hasn't got too many chemicals in it and isn't to strong. When you wear a perfume at night, wear a slightly stronger scent that tends to linger in the air- but as always, make sure it isn't too strong.
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    Body Spray: If you chose to wear body spray, unless you are a teenager, steer clear of Charlie, Impulse and Own Brand products. You may find these make you smell cheap. Chose an up-market brand if you can afford it but don't wear perfume as well.
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    Period: When you have your period, you may find you smell a lot more. To battle Mother Nature, wear a scented sanitary towel, and wash twice a day.
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    Food: Stay away from foods that may cause bad breath, such as tuna or onion. Eat something fruity or sweet for lunch, preferably something that won't get stuck in your teeth. Consider an apple or blueberries.
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    Clothes: Okay, this is your foolproof guide to keeping clothes smelling good. Morning, Fresh clothes then work/school clothes. Day, Keep the same clothes on unless you live an active lifestyle/job. After work/school, The fresh clothes you wore in the morning, Evening, Going out clothes or the fresh clothes you wore in the morning and after work. Wear clothes for a maximum of 24 hours. For a sweet subtle scent, use a scented clothes detergent.
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    Feet: Be sure to take good care of your feet. We use them day in and day out, so it is very important to keep them hygienic. Never wear the same socks two days in a row and never forget your feet when showering.
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    Layering: when you wear nice smelling products, make sure you test them together so they mix and layer well. For instance, do not wear a strong lavender soap, a light passion flower deodorant, a really strong tacky body spray and a light rose perfume. It just won't work. If you can buy products from the same range, such as a light lime soap, a lemon shower gel, a 'go fresh' Dove deodorant and a citrus body spray. These particular scents will layer well, will last the whole day and will make you smelly great because they are fresh and luscious.


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