Monday, 23 March 2015

Unhappy couple


One of the causes of divorce in our society today is that many young people are getting married for the wrong reasons.
Are you tying the knot because you are ready and you want to start a life with someone you love, or are doing it to please your family or just to change your marital status?
Below are 10 terrible reasons why some people get married:
  1. Money: If money is your number one reason for seeking marriage, then you better change your thoughts and get yourself a job instead. Everybody wants financial security, and just because your parents have stopped paying for your shopping, you don't need to marry a man with a fat wallet. You can earn that money by yourself.
  2. Pressure from your parents: There are some parents who want their daughter to get married the moment they graduate from the university. If you don't want to do it, put your foot down. Rebel, because just saying yes to please them might be the worst thing you'll ever do in your life.
  3. Peer pressure: The fact that all your friends decided to rush off and get married doesn't mean you should do the same. For instance, if your friends jump into a well, would you do the same too? Following the crowd is not something you should do. Wait till true love comes calling and then get married.
  4. Loneliness: If you have relocated to a new neighbourhood or all your friends are married and having babies, then chances are that you might start feeling lonely. However, that doesn't mean you tie the knot. Go out and get yourself a date. You will start loving yourself much more.
  5. Sex: Married or single, virgin or not-a-virgin, every woman has physical wants and desires. If you are tired of self help and want to have predictable sex, rather than sex with 'the one' which will be mind blowing, then perhaps, you should get married. Though, you need to have it in mind that eventually, romance will fizzle out and that's when you'll face the real challenge of married life.
  6. It's the next logical thing to do: You are done with your degree, have a job you love and your friends are the best ever, you wonder, what next?  Well it certainly shouldn't be marriage just because it is the next logical thing to do.  Get married only when you are sure that you've found your soul mate.
  7. Ticking biological clock: Your maternal instincts are kicking in and every time you visit a new mom friend of yours, you secretly want to steal her baby, or just wish you were her. Truth is, the right time is coming and if you plan on getting married to the next man who comes along merely in order to reproduce, then it is completely wrong.
  8. Aging: You feel old and still haven't found the one?  Well, that does not mean that you will never find him. Just remember to remain fit and beautiful, and wear the smartest of clothes. He is bound to notice you eventually and find your heart.
  9. You owe it to him: You are in love and are quite content with your relationship, but he has been with you through your bad times and lent you a shoulder when you needed it. But when he goes down on one knee, do you say yes, because you feel that you owe it to him or because you actually love him? Marrying out of gratitude is a sure recipe for disaster in marriage.
  10. Social standards: He looks presentable, he talks eloquently, he earns a good income and he is just fine by society's standards. Well if his gaze is not melting your heart and his voice doesn't make you miss a heartbeat, then your marriage to him will be strictly... well, fine too.


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