Friday, 20 March 2015

You can have sex during menstruation


Falling in love is difficult.
Sometimes, it’s so difficult that some of us cling to failed relationship because we know how hard it would be to get another once it is lost — so we manage the situation, looking for the silver lining.
However, those who have been there know that, staying in love can sometimes be even more difficult than finding love.
This is because we tend to take things for granted and focus on negativity …once we get comfortable in relationships, we take things for granted.
Anyway, here are 11 tips for those who have a sweet romance going and want to keep it that way:
  1. Touch each other. Many couple slowly stop touching after a while. This is not good. When lovers touch, the brain releases the chemicals that trigger loving feelings. So touch on a daily basis — a soft kiss on the lips, a gentle pat on the back, a quick friendly slap, playful pinching, touching check with finger. Just innocent touches, do it.
  2. Sleep together. When couples begin to sleep apart, they lose their chemistry. Sleeping together gives them a chance to whisper sweet nothing, nibble each other, touch and maybe spoon once in a while. The shared warmth does wonders. So ensure that you sleep together more times than apart.
  3. Cut down on technology. These days, lovers find themselves communicating more using technology than face-to-face. In fact, some couples hardly notice each other at home because either one of them is busy chatting on WhatsApp or BBM, or replying comments on Facebook or Instagram. Bring less work home and agree to limit time spent on technology once you are at home together.
  4. Go out, take a vacation. The fact that you are now married or have become regular lovers doesn’t mean going-out-time should end. In fact, you need it more now to connect. Go to your favourite places once in a while and try to have at least one vacation a year, even if it’s within your locality. Chilling together for two nights in a hotel is not a bad idea.
  5. Say ‘Thank you’ and ‘I am Sorry’ when it’s necessary. You don’t have to lose your courtesy because you are together. If you’re done a favour, show and express your appreciation, same thing goes for when you offend, APOLOGISE before it becomes a war.
  6. Kiss and hug as much as you can. This is different from touching. Researchers found that frequent kissing was even more important to relationship satisfaction than frequent sex — kissing gives a warm, bonding feeling from cuddle hormone, oxytocin.
  7. A kind word never goes unnoticed. Trust Wha’anda, your partner needs your compliments more than anything else. Find out the good things about your partner and compliment them about it. When they do something cool, tell them. When they achieve something, praise them. It makes them feel loved and appreciated.
  8. Everyone loves surprises. Once in a while, surprise your lover, with gifts or outings. For example, you could just invite him/her to a dinner somewhere or welcome him/her from work with the dress/shirt/shoe you talked about sometime back as a gift.
  9. Show interest in each other’s passions. Nothing will bond you more than taking a genuine interest in what your partner likes. They will feel impressed if you show some knowledge about that thing they like so much. Support, rather than try to stop them — unless of course it’s a negative passion.
  10. Do something together. You both should find a project and work on it together. It could be just painting the house together, starting a garden, a business or an NGO. Let it be something that you can both contribute to.
  11. Go out with friends. Sometimes you need to throw others into your romance. Go for vacations, dinners or just night outs with friends and mix. Switch between her friends and his friends. Interacting with those couples will help you too. It will help you see the good and bad in you and in your partner.
There you go… fall in love and stay in love because love is a beautiful thing.


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