Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Brain Cancer


Brain cancer and all other types of cancer are usually either caused by genetics or poor eating habits when you were younger.
With genetics there is nothing that you can do, therefore, the only thing to do is  improve your eating habits now.
It is always better to start now than never, here are healthy ways to decrease the risk of brain cancer.
  1. Drinking Coffee and Tea- One of the biggest ways to prevent brain cancer is to drink coffee and tea. This has being scientifically proven to work. Coffee and tea both contain caffeine which actually helps reduce the risk of brain cancer. They contain many substances that are not found in any other foods that you eat on a regular basis. However, make sure that you do not drink an excessive amount because it can cause the opposite effects you want and can destroy your brain and health. Therefore, drink moderately, amount one cup of each per day is a good amount.
  2. Fish Oil- Another way to reduce the risk of brain cancer is by eating fish oil. Though it is expensive, it is extremely beneficial to your body and especially your brain. Fish oil contains many minerals and vitamins found only in fish oil. Fish, as most people will know, is very good for your brain and can actually make you smarter. Fish oil is even better. Fish oil is almost beneficial to any part of your body. It provides nutrients through out your entire body and many foods do not have the ability to do so .
  3. Other ways include exercising and doing brain problems such as math problems as it can actually help prevent brain cancer because you are constantly using you brain
While there might be other ways to help reduce the risk of brain cancer, but no ways to completely prevent it, it is important to remember to eat healthy and exercise regularly.

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