Friday, 20 March 2015



Early marriage is when a couple get married before the age of 25, usually when you are around 20-21 years old.
However, it should not be confused with premature marriage which involves children. Not only is early marriage good for your health, but also for your relationship.
Aside from making you look younger for years, it keeps you happy, improves your relationship compatibility with your spouse and more.
What other advantages are embedded in marrying early? Find out below:
  1. Individuals in their 20s are in a constant phase of discovering themselves - their jobs, relationships and family matters seem to turn their lives upside down every time. During this phase, having someone close to you, who completely understands your mental turbulence, and is genuinely interested in helping you, is a great idea. Also, it's to your benefit if you have a soul mate at this stage of life, because you both will grow together. You get to know each other first, and then family responsibilities will come in much later.
  2. As the divorce rate continues to rise, it becomes necessary to look at the reasons behind it. This is especially because in urban settings, by the time couples choose to settle down, they would have already developed a mindset of their own. When two opposite mindsets meet, a clash will definitely happen. As an individual grows older, it becomes quite difficult for them to adjust with another. But on the contrary, getting married early means you are with your spouse during the process of evolving psychologically. At the growing phase, adjusting to your partner's habits or thinking is easier, making it easier to strike a balance of compatibility.
  3. Couples who marry late always struggle to match up with the mindset and stamina of their children. But when you marry early, you are likely to have children when your health is at its peak. This in turn can help you to take up the  more challenging aspects of parenting. You'd be able to energetically participate with them in their activities and easily strike a bond.
  4. According to gynaecologists, sexual and reproductive hormones in a woman after the age of 30, start diminishing steadily. Therefore, becoming a parent early means giving your body a better chance to recover from the childbearing demands, which helps in preserving your youth. The early you conceive, the more fit you stay. Also, cesarean rates are higher in women who are above 35. At this age, mothers have more chances of a C-section delivery compared to women in their 20s. Marrying late also reduces the chance of conceiving a baby.


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