Thursday 12 March 2015



Any doctor will advise that anyone watching their diet and keeping track of what they eat and drink should avoid coke.
Drinking Coke is a very bad habit that is not easy to let go because it is very addictive, do not drink it if you want to stay fit and healthy.

See what harm Coke actually does to your health.
  1. Bad teeth- Cavities occur when we consume too many sugary and acidic foods and drinks and Coke is no exception. It contains both and ruins the enamel. To fix the problem will cost you money. Dental work is never cheap. Of course, you can try and brush your teeth after drinking sodas, but the smarter choice is to avoid them and drink water instead.
  2. It increases the risk of diabetes- Carbs is another name for sugars. Most foods contain a lot of carbs. Pouring Coke on top will only make the problem worse. It takes only 20 minutes to increase your blood sugar. It’s extremely hard to treat diabetes,hence, you should stop drinking all brands of sodas, Coke included.
  3. It slows down your metabolism- Coke prevents your body from burning fat as fast as it should, causing you to add weight. Drink plain water!
  4. Aspartame, known to cause a lot of diseases and affect inner organs, is a chemical found in Coke, so, Coke ruins your body.
  5. Coke plays a role in infertility-  The chemicals found in Coke might have a negative effect on your reproductive organs, thereby. leading to defects in the reproductory organs.
The cons outweigh the cons of drinking coke so, fans of coke, please, take note.
A few seconds of pleasure is not worth ruining your health.


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