Monday, 23 March 2015

menstrual cramps


Every woman dreads this time of the month, and so many of us subject our bodies to all sorts of medications during our periods to avoid the pain.
Although every woman experiences menstrual cramps in different doses, its still the most naturally frustrating time of the month for us. 
These methods won’t cure the cramps completely but it will certainly reduce the pain, and help manage it better . These methods are also natural so you no longer need to pump your bodies with all sorts of chemicals as we know every pain killer comes with a side effect.
This is  the most popular and It could come from drinking regular cups of warm water or by filling a hot water bottle with hot water and applying it to your stomach with minimal pressure.
Ginger is a natural cramp reliever. Simply drink ginger tea available in sachets but a more effective method is to crush your ginger till you get three teaspoons and mix it hot water. You should start drinking this about a week to your period.
Ginger also helps balance out irregular periods.
Peppermint is also a good way to relieve menstrual cramps. You could either lick or drink it in form of tea.
Banana is high in Potassium which helps relieve cramps also. So eat about 3-5 bananas everyday. That should do the trick, because eating more could have an adverse effect.
5)Moringa Olifera Seeds
These are proven and tested to stop reduce or even stop the pain completely, depending on the intensity. Chew five or six of the tangy seeds and in less than thirty minutes, you’ll be feeling a whole lot better.
Exercise is also a very important, useful factor.


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