Monday, 16 March 2015



Hair colour has become some sort of fad and it's trendy too.
Most times, ladies (and men these days) want to switch hair colours around, do fun colours or get highlights in the hair.
It's important first of all to bear simple factors like using colours from reputable beauty brands, test for allergies and more but most importantly before getting the colour in, check these tips:
  1. Avoid washing/shampooing your hair the day before your salon appointment.
  2. Go for a colour/colours that will work best with your skin complexion and lifestyle, don't choose a particular colour because its trendy.
  3. If you already have colour in your hair, avoid shampooing on a daily basis, its best to shampoo two/three times a week max.
  4. Insist your stylist/colorist use a protective cream or conditioner around the hairline so as to prevent the colour from staining.
  5. Protect your colour treated hair from environmental damage, heat styling and heat tools as they weaken and eventually break hair.


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