Thursday 12 March 2015

Couple cuddling


The best way to keep sex interesting is to infuse a little fun and excitement into it to avoid boredom.
Avoid repeating the same routine or else, with time, the thought of having sex will become totally unappealing to both of you.
Here are some wild sex games you should try out with your partner tonight:
  1. Wish list: In this game, you two have to think of three sexual things you've always wanted to try and then write them down on separate pieces of paper. Fold them (marked with your initials) and mix them up. Take turns drawing out one of the other's wishes, agreeing in advance to at least give it a try.
  2. Forfeit: Bring some sweet treats into the bedroom that have small, easy-to-write-with nozzles, like frosting, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. Write a naughty word on your partner's body. If they guess the word correctly, they get a small taste of the treat. If they guess wrong, they pay a forfeit by swapping places with you.
  3. What is it? This happens to be one of the hottest sex games around. Your partner lies down blindfolded, then you lubricate different parts of your body - fingers, chin, tip of the nose, nipple, and so on. You then touch your partner in various places. They have to guess which body part it is. If they guess correctly, you perform a sex act with that body part that only pleases them. You can then end with an earth-shattering hand job or blow job.
  4. Strip poker: You can turn a simple poker into a spicy sex game. The loser bares all, and the winner sees all. If you're not poker fans, you can do this with any card game of your choice. You could even try strip chess, strip Monopoly, whatever. Once one of you has stripped completely, the lovemaking begins with the winner choosing the position.
  5. Truth or dare: Write out five dares - it could be anything from trying on a sexy outfit to a silly stunt - on separate pieces of paper. Place them in a bowl. Now take turns asking each other naughty questions, such as, "What's the most unusual place you've ever wanted to have sex?" If you don't answer, dip into the pot and select a dare.
Have you played sex games before? If yes, which one is your favourite? If no, which of the ones mentioned above would you try out?


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