Thursday, 12 March 2015



Just like fashion and other popular industries, food industry has its own trends it needs to follow and create in order to sell more items.
However, as those trends have changed, we learned that some of those foods are not actually that healthy.
Check out ten 'healthy' foods that are not so healthy.
  1. Energy bars- are often placed in food aisles reserved for healthy foods and foods that help weight loss. However, energy bars are not for weight loss, not only are they not healthy, but they can even be worse than most candy bars. The reason for this is because they basically encourage the body to store fat and calories in your body. One energy bar contains about 500 calories, which is the same amount of calories a lunch or dinner should have. Keep that in mind next time you reach for an energy bar.
  2. Low fat yogurt- When people want to lose weight, they often search for products which contain less fat, which is normal. That’s why they choose low fat yogurt and believe they did something good for their bodies. This is absolutely not true. When you significantly reduce fat in a product, that product becomes pretty tasteless. In order to compensate, yogurt manufacturers add sugars and make a low fat yogurt- filled with sugar!
  3. Whole grains- are healthy for us because they contain fibers and B vitamin. However, be careful of “multigrain” and “wheat” products you see in stores, because manufacturers use them for products which don’t actually contain whole grains. The whole difference between a whole and refined grain is: whole grains contain all parts of the kernel. Refined grains have finer texture, they last longer but they also have less qualities for our health.
  4. Smoothies- When you make a smoothie at home, you are doing the right thing. There is hardly anything better for your body than natural juices of fruits and vegetables, all mixed together. At home, you are the chief of your smoothie- you add what you want to do. However, most of us don’t have time for making smoothies, or we just forget about them. That is, until we see store selling smoothies. Be careful though, those smoothies might have more sugar than you think.
  5. Popcorn- some people think just because its sugar free, its healthy. A lot of people buy this popcorn and microwave it. Microwave popcorn contains a substance called diacetyl, which is added to almost all artificial butters. It is tasty but unfortunately, also very dangerous. Diacetyl is safe when you eat it, but it is dangerous when you inhale it. So when you heat a bag of popcorn, diacetyl is easily inhaled.
  6. Processed food-  are often the best solution for people who have no time or money to cook every day. There is one thing you need to know about them- they are not healthy. They are actually high in salt! Processed food is not tasty at all. In order to make it tasty, manufacturers add salt, sugar and fat. Therefore, they are high in salt but short on nutrients and they almost never include whole grains.
  7. Nut butter- nuts contain many nutrients which improve our health and help people fight weight gain. When turned into butter, these properties are, unfortunately, completely lost.  Through processing, nut butters lose their natural fats and gain some less healthy fats. They also get more salt and sugar but also, preservatives and coloring substances. If you really must use nut butter, use almond butter instead.


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