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As women, we can wear many hats in life, whether it’s serving our fellow human, living simply or dealing with the responsibilities of owning a company. You are capable of doing it all, so don’t limit yourself! Let’s look at some exciting things you may not have realized you can actually do!
These things might give you ideas about how you can change the world, so don’t be afraid to think big! Step one to changing the world is thinking about how you’re using your time, the most valuable thing you have.
Sometimes we doubt ourselves and think we don’t have as much personal power as we do. This article could radically shift your perspective on what you are capable of in a lifetime! Break free from the shackles of your mind and realize you’re limitless!
Here are 10 things you might want to start planning for today because they each require careful planning and a legit time commitment. You need to write down everything outrageous you really want to do, and to get you started, you should look at these crazy bucket list ideas.

1. Run for political office

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Never considered running for political office? Well it might be a perfect idea for you. If you care about your community, your state, your world, you should become a decision maker. You can start with your local community and get involved with the chamber of commerce and attend local meetings.
Study the political structure and decide your stance on important issues. Make sure you focus on what is most important and can help people, not on creating a name for yourself.

2. Spend a month in an ashram

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If you want to expand your consciousness and learn to control your mind and emotions, visit an ashram in Rishikesh, India. You may find it difficult to switch your perspective, which is all the more reason to do it. Imagine meditating for 10 hours or more per day in silence, eating vegetarian meals and doing chores in exchange for room and board.
You can get in touch with what is truly important in life and overcome fears contrived in your own mind. Before you go, do some research about which ashrams people have had good experiences in.
An authentic ashram will be free, there are a lot of ashrams that have become more like a luxury resort and will charge for your visit. In order to strip yourself of exterior things and focus internally, you need the real experience.
What will you need? A few thousand dollars for airfare and a passport. The attire is usually traditional bindis and very conservative, so you can expect to not be drinking or dating during your month there. You will be able to just focus on how you think about things and improve your ability to focus so that you can maintain a positive attitude!

3. Write a book that changes the world

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Most of us have considered writing a book, and it’s actually easier than you think! You can self-publish to Kindle, Amazon, and submit it to Barnes and Noble’s website by using sites like createspace.
If you’re going to spend the 50-100 hours it will take (at least) to write a book, you want to spend adequate time thinking about WHY you’re writing it. If you write about something you’re very passionate about, you won’t have trouble finishing it. Write about something you think will help people for years to come.
To start, get some books about how to write. Attend writing workshops and start to exercise your writing muscle. It will get easier over time and the words will begin to flow without forcing it. I recommend outlining your book, doing research and then writing it.
Sitting down without a clear structure or a ton of background research might make the book confusing and you might lose focus of what you’re trying to get across to readers. When I first started writing, I romanticized the idea and just wrote whatever popped into my mind without outlining, and now I always use outlines so it’s clear what I’m talking about.
If you’re working with fiction, study plot structures so you understand how to evoke emotions and weave in a theme. You can do it!

4. Fly your own plane

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Not only does this mean you will buy a plane, it means you will attend flight school and get your pilot’s license. The schooling could take a year or two, but imagine being able to fly your friends to an island or surf trip. Imagine if you could contribute your time to help in disaster relief efforts or to have the luxury to make your own travel schedule.
You don’t need to rely on someone else to fly you around when you’re a pilot and it’s not a far reach. There are only some people who will not be allowed to get a pilot’s license do to certain physical impairments.
If you want to use your energy to fight for good causes and be a mover and a shaker, fly your own plane!

5. Direct a play

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Imagine directing a play about women’s rights, racial equality, gay rights or overcoming fears of some kind. Art is a powerful medium of change and you could participate in the process as a leader. You can help orchestrate something with a message that will touch hundreds or thousands of people and get them to see the world differently.
This is a fun thing to study and take classes about, because unlike engineering, it’s not a math problem, it’s about emotional intelligence and communication.
How will you start? Buy some plays from The Drama Book Shop and find one you’re in love with. Next, look for a community center, warehouse space or library theatre and see which prices sound reasonable. Set a date and book the space. Cast your play with friends or use craigslist to find actors. Start with a read through and set up a rehearsal schedule.
To raise money you can throw a fundraiser at a local bar with the cover charge going to the play. Work with the local bar to work something out. They benefit because you’ll invite all your friends who will buy drinks and you’ll have money for costumes and printing programs.
You can use brownpapertickets to sell tickets. Give yourself at least 6 months for the process. If you don’t know how to direct, take a directing class at a local community college first.

6. Produce a movie

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What does it mean to produce a movie? It means you raise the funds. Imagine if you were the one that made a life changing movie possible by gathering funds from investors. Movies shed light on many topics that people need education about, especially social change films and documentaries.
If you could spend 50,000 on a car or 50,000 producing a movie, why not get a cheap car and produce the movie that will bring a positive message to potentially millions of people? When we think about using our money on projects and not things, it opens up the possibilities of what we can experience and learn in life!

7. Get your art in a gallery

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Artists comment on what is making people happy and cultural trends that are not making people happy. If you see these things in society that need to be changed, art can be a great way to express that. Political art doesn’t have to be about democrats or republicans, it can be about helping people see things differently, making them aware of their actions and thoughts in a new way.
If you have something to say, which I bet you do, make some art and submit to competitions and galleries. Be patient, and you’ll get your work into an art gallery. There are also online galleries like Artistbe and ArtCorner that are effective as well.

8. Throw a charity event

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One of the most selfless things you can do is to donate your time planning a charity event. It usually takes at least 6 months to get all the details nailed down. You can promote it using social media.
There are many reasons to throw a charity event: disaster relief, raising funds for local shelters, raising money for sustainable education, donating to an animal shelter or a charity that helps disabled people. There are many more causes that you can choose from to plan a charity event.
Where do you start? After you choose what you will be raising money for, find a venue and a band. Contact some local companies who might like to show up and give away drinks or food. Create a silent auction and get artists and companies to donate.
Often it can help local businesses market if they give things away. Finally, create a Facebook event and invite all your friends. See if a liquor company will donate some beer or wine and get some volunteers to help with ticketing, set up and break down.

9. Start a business

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What do you need to do to start a business? Most likely, you will need a business license from your local town hall. You will also need a business bank account which usually has a minimum amount you can keep in it, such as $5,000, but check with a few banks and see what they require. You will also need to get a fictitious business name from city hall and run a local add.
You will want to look into insurance and figure out if you want to start an LLC (limited liability corporation) or a corporation. Depending on what your business will be, one will make more sense. Choose to do something you could see yourself doing long-term and give it A LOT of thought. Study and research the industry before you jump in. The more research you do, the better your business will be.

10. Adopt later in life

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This is one you will have to plan for and think about ahead of time. Giving someone an opportunity to live a healthy life is a miracle. If you have enough time and money to think about parenting, there are plenty of children that need parents. Many of them are malnourished because orphanages are overcrowded and underfunded.
Adopting will be a challenge and not a walk in the park. You will want to be sure you have a steady income, a stable life and no personal problems that would create anything less than a peaceful environment for a child.
Adopting is a lifelong commitment, and you need to consider what you are really signing up for before you go through with it. Get some conscious parenting books and make sure you know how to keep a child healthy.

11. Move to another country

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Sometimes, moving to a new country can help us see the world from a whole new perspective. What is important in our culture may be completely irrelevant in another one, and placing yourself in a new environment can challenge your belief systems and teach you about life.
As you will need to learn from your environment in order to see what makes people tick, you will have to stretch your own habits and step outside of your comfort zone. This can help you build communication skills and relate to people on a deeper level than just the local hubbub. Anyone can get used to their local town, but it takes courage and character to adapt to a new culture and environment.

12. Establish a non-profit

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If you really want to make a difference in people’s lives, founding a non-profit is a perfect option for you. You can get a book about the process, which will include starting a bank account and writing articles of incorporation, which is pretty simple.
You will need to have a board of advisors, a lawyer, and official meetings with notes. There are certain financial things you need to be aware of, such as how you are allowed to make and spend money. Do your research and you will be able to get it up and running in a few months.

13. Become an activist

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Have a loud voice and maybe get to some peace rallies, write to congressmen and sign petitions. Our energy is either used for good or squandered, so when you learn things that need to be changed in our society, have a voice and speak up. You can be as loud as you want to and stick up for gender equality, human rights and environmental issues.
The Sierra Club, The Nature Conservancy, The World Wildlife Federation, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are organizations that hold events you can get involved with. Of course, there are many more, just do some research online. Use charitynavigator to find out which non-profits are using funds appropriately.


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