Thursday, 19 March 2015

It takes a little more to spot a sex addict.


It is said that as you grow old, your memory begins to fail. Now scientists have come up with a great way of increasing your brain power and keeping it sharp even if you are growing old.
Do you want to keep your memory? Scientist say couples will increase their brainpower if they have sex together constantly. The result of this recent study was released to the press.
Manchester University carried out a survey on 1,700 people between the ages of 58 and 98 and they discovered that those who did not experience memory loss, were couples who had sex regularly. The study showed that the couples who were sexually active showed an high ability to remember things quickly. Apparently the saying that the brain is a very important sexual organ, now is true.
The research also found out that a large percentage of the wives above 50 still enjoyed sex. They added that they were the ones that initiated it and led the pace while their husbands were laid back. One of the subject who spoke to yourtango said that he will put his heart to it, now he has realised the health benefit of having sex.
Sex a day keeps brain power alive.


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