Friday, 20 March 2015

healthy breakfast idea


Breakfast is the most important meal of day, hence the need for it to be healthy therefore making it easier to stick to healthy choices through out the day.
Whether you prefer eggs, yogurt, or oatmeal, getting a healthy breakfast sets the tone for a day of weight control and fewer calories overall.
In fact, research shows that people who start their day with breakfast make healthier choices and have a lower body mass index in general.
"If we skip breakfast, we'll make unhealthier choices at lunch. People who skip breakfast eat more during the day," says Emily Banes, RD, clinical dietitian at the Houston Northwest Medical Center.
This is partly due to a thought process in which people believe, incorrectly that if they don't eat breakfast, they can eat more at lunch or dinner.
The reality is that on a physiological level, your breakfast choices, or lack of them, can set off a cycle of cravings and blood sugar spikes that spells doom for weight control, so, it is simply better to start the day with stable blood sugar and ultimately fewer calories, courtesy of breakfast, says Banes.
  1. Consider whole grains- Whole grains are a good choice because they keep you feeling full. Those who ate the whole-grain breakfast reported feeling less hungry over the following eight hours than the comparison group.                                                                                              
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  2. Eat eggs- A study of people between the ages of 25 and 60 who were trying to lose weight found that those who ate two eggs for breakfast lost 65 percent more weight than those who ate junk food, and they also reported having higher energy levels throughout the day. Although this study showed no effect of egg consumption on cholesterol levels, Banes cautions that this may not be the right choice if you already have high cholesterol. Ask your doctor about egg-white alternatives.
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  3. Avoid high-sugar choices. Eating doughnuts, breakfast pastries, and sugary cereals may begin that cycle of cravings and blood sugar lows that can undermine your efforts.
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Be sure to have healthy breakfasts so you can achieve your weight loss goals.


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