Thursday 12 March 2015



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Good News you don't have to be an honor student to get a smart girl in high school! Smart girls are attracted to more than just smart boys. Be yourself and act mature. You may be surprised by the results! 
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    Be Mature, smart girls like mature boys. Making jokes about farting, getting hit in the crotch, or laughing unnecessarily loud when someone else makes a joke in bad taste is not appreciated. However, if she laughs, go ahead and join her.
  2. 3
    Watch Their Language, smart girls swear too, but they are not impressed by excessive "F-bombs" or other rude or sexual language. Crude jokes make you sound dumb and not worth her time. We don't want that now, do we?
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    Dress Well. This does not mean labels, necessarily, but nice, neat, good clothing is great. Most smart girls are going to look beyond the label, but they will not, however, like bad clothes.
  4. Attract a Smart Teenage Girl Step 5.jpg
    Be Fit. Health is a big deal for intelligent girls. Most of them will be interested in taking part in sports, or at least exercising. They will be impressed if you take good care of your body.
  5. Attract a Smart Teenage Girl Step 6.jpg
    Don't Try Too Hard you don't need to act really macho all the time. It's cute for a bit, but when it's overdone, it is awful. Smart girls will look inside, and will find showing off aggravating. Act natural.
  6. 7
    Don't Be Too Helpful acting overly chivalrous to the wrong girl is endlessly annoying. Holding doors and offering chairs are great, but if she says "no thanks," take the hint! She may find it offensive and irritating if you don't!


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