Monday, 16 March 2015

Unhappy lady

In life there are people who cannot tell the truth, no matter how much you try to make them. It hurts when someone you love dearly lies to you constantly. Some guys are prone to telling lies in relationships for reasons best known to them.
If you suspect your guy is telling you lies and you just do not know how to find out, read this and arm yourself with the tips that will help you detect his mischief quickly. When guys in a relationship lie, they unconsciously give away signs that ignorant ladies overlook.
1. When your guy suddenly starts being distant without any tangible reason, he is certainly covering up something. The best way is to discuss your observations with him gently. Who knows, he might just be going through some stress.
2. When your guy constantly avoids making eye contact with you, then it is a sign that he is up to no good and he is bent on you not finding out.
3. Guys who lie constantly mix up their facts. They have told so much lies, that they do not remember the details of every story they have told. Today, he might say he went to the mall with his friends, and when he comes next week, he might say he was with his elder sister. This is a clear sign.
4. Your inner gut is telling you he is lying, yet you just choose to believe him. Women are wired to be perceptive, but they overlook that God given gift. Go with your guts, whenever you feel he is lying, confront him gently about the issue to get the facts.
If you cannot handle the truth, please do not chase it. Anonymous quote


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