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Part 1 of 3: Wearing the Right Clothes

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    Go for an eye-catching color, like red. Color is incredibly important in making an immediate impression. Colors like grey or beige have a tendency to make you part of the background, so wear them sparingly, or with a more exciting color.[1]
    • The color that turns heads more than anything other is red. You can make a big color statement by wearing a red dress, or go for a little more toned-down and wear red lipstick, a red sweater, or a scarf.
    • Jewel tones are also good for garnering attention. If you can, try and match one to a shade in your eyes so that it makes your eyes stand out. Purple and green are good colors to try out (although not necessarily together).
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      Show off your best asset. Highlighting more than one good asset (like wearing skin-tight everything) has a tendency to make you seem like you're trying too hard to get attention. You may get attention, but it won't be the same as turning heads.
      • Pick one thing to emphasize. For example: if you want to emphasize your gorgeous legs you might wear a short skirt, a pair of tall boots and a sweater on top. This way anyone's gaze is drawn to your legs.
      • Soft, touchable fabrics (like cashmere or soft suede) can help to highlight your best body parts. They drape more easily and draw the eye to your silhouette rather than each individual part of you.
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      Wear an interesting accessory. Not only is an interesting accessory a good way to capture people's attention, it also presents a good conversation piece. You want to try and find something that's unique and flattering to you.[2]
      • If you're a crafty person you could make something: a scarf with a really interesting and intricate pattern, gorgeous jewelry, even clothes.
      • You could also look in vintage shops, and local artist bazaars. You're certain to find unique pieces and you'll be supporting your local economy!
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      Make sure your clothes fit. Of course no one ever looks perfect, but you can make yourself look good by making sure your clothes fit you properly. Again, clothing that's too tight makes you look lumpy, and it screams that you want attention. Clothing that's too loose makes you look like you don't want any attention at all.
      • Wearing the right bra can make a huge difference to your appearance and to your comfort level. The best thing that you can do is get measure by a professional. There are some things that you should watch out for. The right bra won't leave red marks, or uncomfortably squeeze you anywhere.
      • You want to make sure that even things like jeans fit you properly. Don't just buy any old jeans that seem close enough. Hold out for ones that don't pinch around your waistband and that have the right length (or are easily hemmed to have the right length).

    Part 2 of 3: Getting the Right Appearance

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      Make sure your hair is shiny and lustrous. There's nothing more noticeable than the state of your hair. Studies have shown that men are typically attracted to shinier, more lustrous hair, because it's a sign of health. Make sure you are regularly washing and conditioning your hair.[3]
      • People notice high volume hair in particular. Give yourself a shot of confidence with a bit of a bouffant look that will draw the eye.
      • There's also some studies that say that men tend to be more attracted to longer hair. So if you've got longer hair, let it curl over your shoulders rather than tucking it out of sight in a bun or ponytail.[4]
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      Perfect your skin care routine. One of the main things people notice first about someone is their skin. Healthy, glowing skin is attractive to people and more likely to catch their notice than skin that hasn't been taken care of.
      • Eat right. You'll want to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits (the dark leafy greens like kale tend to be the best, as well as berries like blueberries). Make sure that you get at least five portions of vegetables and fruits each day, emphasis on the vegetables.[5]
      • The health of your digestive tract also has an important effect on the health and clarity of your skin. Make sure that you're getting plenty of probiotics to help regulate your digestive tract. You can get this through sugar-free yogurt (good to eat with blueberries!).
      • Exercise can also help improve your skin, because it can reduce stress (something that can have a negative impact on your skin) and can increase your blood flow, leading to a healthier glow.[6]
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      Make sure your teeth are cared for. Since people tend to rate others as more attractive if they have whiter teeth, you want to make sure that yours look healthy. White teeth can be seen as an indication that you effectively groom yourself and that you're healthy.[7]
      • Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss them at least once per day. Brushing and flossing will keep your teeth in good repair and help you to avoid cavities.
      • Try whitening your teeth safely by using over-the-counter treatments, if you can't afford to have a professional whiten your teeth. While it doesn't necessarily contribute to the health of your teeth it makes them seem like they're healthy and cared for.
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      Keep your lips looking good. Lips are another thing that people unconsciously notice about you. This means that you want them looking good and cared for, and as plump and kissable as possible.
      • Make sure that you keep them moisturized. Drink lots of water and apply lip balm when they're feeling dry. Get the kind with sunscreen to protect them from the sun.
      • Avoid licking your lips because this can aid in drying them out. If they're dry or uncomfortable, keep applying lip balm.
      • Put a little color in them. The perfect way to catch people's attention is to rouge up your lips. You can wear tinted lip balm or you can put on some bright red, "look at me" lipstick, over your lip balm.
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      Enhance your aura with a little make-up. There's nothing like makeup to enhance your already delightful face. If you're trying to turn heads then you don't want to just stick to the typical "natural" look or even just go for smokey eye. Obviously a little red lipstick will help you out here, but there are some other ideas, as well.
      • Try out flirty, sparkly eye make-up. Eye make-up that catches the light and sparkles is a sure way to make people look. It also makes you seem a bit daring, which will further intrigue those around you.
      • Colorful nails can also create an exciting impression. Try out something brightly colored to catch the eye, or an interesting pattern that makes people look closer. Always try and keep your nails nicely maintained and clean, because people will register that, if only subconsciously.

    Part 3 of 3: Cultivating the Right Impression

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      Exude confidence. The thing about turning people's heads is that it matters very little whether you are the most attractive person ever, or whether you have the best wardrobe. If you aren't confident about yourself, then you're unlikely to attract the attention you desire.
      • Walk tall. You want to exude confidence by the way you walk and sit. Act as if you have a string that is attached to your chest and gently pulling you upright. Not only will this make you walk more confidently, but it'll show off your chest as well.
      • Cultivate poise in the way that you move. You don't want to strut like a supermodel, or be in a hurry. Avoid slamming doors, running, or clomping your feet on the ground,
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      Don’t sabotage yourself with negative thinking. You can't wholly get rid of negative thinking, unfortunately, but you can make it so that it doesn't take over your life. Consistently thinking negatively about yourself will determine how other people think about you, too.[8]
      • Pay attention to how you think about yourself. Do you have a tendency to think things like "No one is ever going to notice me" or "I'll never be attractive enough to turn heads?"
      • Once you've determined some of your negative thought patterns, it's time to replace them with the positive, or at least to the neutral. For example: if you think "No one is ever going to notice me," replace that with "My new red boots are fabulous; I'm sure other people will think so, too."
      • Don't compare yourself to others. This is a truly futile move, because someone else is always going to get more attention than you, be more attractive, have more admirers, and so on. Work on being confident in yourself and not worrying how you compare to other people.
      • This will take a little time and a little paying attention to achieve. You won't one day be able to defeat all you're negative thoughts, but giving it a little time and gradually working on your though processes, you'll find that you're thinking less negatively about yourself, and so will other people.
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      Make yourself approachable. Striding straightforward without a look at anyone works for people like supermodels and actresses. If you want people to notice you, you have to act like you're interested in other people and are open to them noticing you.
      • Smile at people. This flashes those pearly-whites of yours (important for drawing attention) and it shows that you're noticing other people.
      • Make eye contact with people. This makes it so that you're impossible to ignore as you enter a room.
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      Don’t back down when you do get attention. This may seem like a strange step, but it's one that a lot of people, especially women, get hung up on. They desire the attention, but one they get it, they have a tendency to curl up into themselves or start feeling awkward.[9]
      • Turning heads is about keeping the momentum rolling. Once some people have started to notice you, if you let that propel you forward, rather than getting self-conscious and retreating, you'll find that you'll get more attention.
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      Have a sense of humor. People are attracted to good humor and to laughter, which is contagious. It's also a good way to connect with other people. This doesn't mean that you need to be a laughing loon, but cultivating some humor goes a long way towards getting attention.
      • Example: if you're at a party you might consider telling a funny, and true, anecdote. Perhaps you got lost trying to get to a party, perhaps your cat left cat hair all over the dress you were intending on wearing to the party. Telling something like this is funny because it is true and it helps to humanize you.
      • This will also help keep you from being embarrassed if things don't quite go as planned (your heel breaks while you're confidently striding into the room, or you run into something).


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