Friday, 20 March 2015

Handsome Guy


Nigerian guys know how to hide secrets without any emotional or physical sign that gives them away. This is an innate ability in every guy. Most women find it hard to believe that even after a guy is caught, he still sticks to his false story. Here are the 3 major reasons Nigerian guys lie.

1. The desire for sex: A Nigerian guy will do anything to get between the legs of a lady, including telling lies. But the truth is that some ladies love being told fabulous stories that do not exist. Maybe because they themselves do not live in a fantasy world too. Like calls unto like.

2. Most women cannot handle the truth: Most Nigerian guys lie to help their women process information slowly. They say that they do not lie, they only tell half the truth so their woman can process it bit by bit. What a beautiful way to paint a lie. If you are not bold enough to tell her the truth, then you do not deserve her love.

3. Selfishness: Some Nigerian guys are selfish and immature. They think the world should continually revolve round them. They can go to any length to maintain that attraction.


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