Thursday, 19 March 2015

A group of 137 mothers breastfeed their children during an event promoted by the Association for Breastfeeding of Mexico, in Mexico City on August 2, 2014.


A new research has found two new reasons why mothers should breastfeed their babies for at least one year.
Researchers followed over 3400 children in Brazil for 30 years and found that most doctors confirmed that infants who were breastfed went on to have higher IQ scores as children, this study also showed that the higher IQ scores carry on into adulthood.
“It turns out, compared to kids who were breastfed for less than a month, kids who are breastfed for a year or longer had almost 4 points higher in IQ in adulthood,” said Dr. Holly Phillips.
The study found that the children who were breastfed stayed in school on average a year longer and earned more money as adults.
The children who were breastfed also enjoyed health benefits, they are less likely to suffer from gastrointestinal and respiratory infections, asthma, diabetes, and other conditions.
Other studies have shown that breastfed infants also have better thinking and memory skills and score higher on cognitive, language, and motor development tests when they are toddlers.
Phillips emphasized that breastfeeding may not be for everyone and that parents can still raise happy and healthy children without breastfeeding.
“I see a lot of women in my practice who feel a great sense of shame or guilt if they can’t breastfeed for a year,” Phillips told CBS News.
“They should know they’re not alone. Only 27 percent of women in America breastfed for a year. You know the number one reason why, the workforce. Not very many jobs are conducive to doing that for a year. So don’t beat yourself up. Do what you can. Know the benefits, and that’s it.”
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