Friday, 13 March 2015

Marriage proposal

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Nigerian men are a unique bunch when it comes to marriage issues or taking that “big” decision to walk down the aisle. Sometimes, the mere mention of the word- marriage sends shivers down their spine. Is it that they are scared? Maybe.
Some of the reasons stated here are personal opinions of most Nigerian men interviewed while preparing this piece.
1. Most men are intimidated by women who have higher academic qualifications. It should not be so, but most Nigerian men shy away from such women.
2. They do not like to be seen as ATM machines. It gives them the idea that you’re lazy.
3. When you  always want to have your way on issues, most men get irritated. Ladies who have not mastered the art of relationship diplomacy always get into quarrels with such men. Be tactful when you want your man to do what you want done. Use subtle words.
4. When you are too engrossed in your career and job, most Nigerian men feel you will not have time for them, and you will not be able to take care of the family.
5. Every man loves and cherishes a neat lady. It makes them proud. Dirty ladies are a BIG turn-off
6. If you are easily influenced by your peers, you send a signal to the man that you are an emotionally unstable lady.
7. The fertility proof: Most Nigerian men want to know if a woman is fertile. So they plan to get the lady pregnant before they propose to her. My dear, if he wants to “dingy”, he should put a “ringy”
8. If his mother does not like you, it is a no go area. He will not propose to you. Even if he pretends to have a say in the matter.
9. If your mother is too demanding and the man has cause to believe that she influences you wrongly, he tends to get jittery because he knows that your mother's influence will extend to his house. Men Like to protect their territory. Even male animals do. It is an in-built instinct.
10. A Nigerian man's finances means a lot to him. Success boosts a man's morale. So, if he is not financially buoyant, has no job and lives with someone, proposing has to wait oh!
11. Most men do not want to have anything to do with a lady who cannot show compassion to the poor and needy people around her.


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