Friday, 20 March 2015


Wonderful kola also known as (buchholzia) seeds is quickly gaining popularity as it seems to be a cure to almost all ailments. It's look stands out from the normal kola as it looks like a root and not a fruit like the others.
We gathered a list of cures to a few ailments. The procedures may seem crude but as we all know, when it comes to nature, the cruder, the better.
For each ailment listed below, wonderful kola is taken in doses and mixed with various liquids. Please ensure to use as stated below for maximum effect. These are just a few examples of the work of wonderful kola.  theres so much more to be gained from its usage.
For asthma: Get 3 wonderful kola balls and  a small amount of ginger. Grind all these together and mix with 50cl pure honey and 25cl lime juice. Take a tablespoon full, three times daily for a month.
For waist pains, backache and stomach problems: Cut 3 wonderful kola into pieces and pour into 50cl measurement of soda water. Take a shot per day, twice daily for as long as needed.
For ulcer patients: Get 3 wonderful kolas and 3 unripe plantain, pound everything together. Pour 3 litre of water on it for 2 days, then filter after the two days have elapsed. Take half a glass twice daily for a month.
For burning belly fat: Use 3 wonderful kolas and 3 lime, mixed with extra lemon. Take 4 tablespoons, morning and night for two weeks.
For painful or irregular menstruation: Cut 3 wonderful kola into pieces and mix with 50cl measurement of lime juice. Allow to ferment for 24hrs, effective when taken during menstrual period. Take 4 tablespoons, twice daily for two weeks.


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