Thursday, 2 April 2015



Keeping fit is a great dream everyone has but it is not easy to turn into a reality as you need lots of discipline, motivation and money.
Anyone who has tried to eat healthy knows its not easy, honestly speaking, not eating healthy is a lot cheaper than eating healthy.
Then you think of working out, you think of equipments, gear, gym membership fees to pay for a place to work up a sweat, it really is not cheap, so, here are some money-saving tips on your journey to getting fit.
  1. START WITH AN APP- Rather than sign lengthy contracts, kick off your fitness endeavors by downloading apps on your smartphone. Many apps are diverse in what they offer and will allow you to get your feet wet when it comes to physical fitness.
  2. SEARCH YOUTUBE- Get your computer ready because there are tons of free YouTube videos that range from Pilates to cardio. Finding online workouts is a great way to workout at your own pace.
  3. SAVE FITNESS MAGAZINE EXERCISES- If you don’t want to subscribe to the different fitness magazines, make sure you hit up their website and social media accounts for free workouts. There’s a good chance you’ll come across different exercises that you can save (e.g. Pinterest or Evernote) for your downtime.
  4. GET FRIENDS AND FAMILY INVOLVED- The more support you have the more likely you are to reach your goals. Friends, family and co-workers make for great workout buddies as they keep you motivated and share tips on staying in shape. Don’t be afraid to hit up someone you know who has a pretty good regimen as they might be willing to help you on your journey.
  5. PURCHASE VIDEOS- If you can’t find fitness videos that interest you for free online, there’s always DVDs you can try out at home like Kate Henshaw's workout video. This way, you get a “trainer,” access to tons of exercises and the motivation of others on the television. Purchase videos that you can swap with friends for variety.
  6. WAIT FOR GYM DEALS- Depending on the time of year, you might be able to score a great deal on a gym membership. Many companies offer big discounts at the beginning of the year for new members to lock in a more affordable monthly or annual deal. In the meantime, you can give a facility a try with free passes. Tip: Check out their social media pages for promo codes to help save you money.
  7. You can do simple but efficient home exercises like squats, planks, push ups, crunches and so on.
A lot of us use lack of money as an excuse to be lazy, hence, the need for these budget friendly tips, hope you like them and let us know if you have any.


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