Monday, 13 April 2015


Sometimes sex could be boring for couples who spend little time with each other and nothing could be worse than that - a sex life without little  foreplay.
Is the reality of a stale or dull sex life creeping up on you and your partner? Serena Carson from Healthy Black Woman lists six foreplay games that heat things up and make the final act so much better
  1. Blinded: Take a blindfold and put it on your man. Lead him to the bed and tease him. Taking away his sense of sight heightens everything else and will makes things that much more intense.
  2. Oiled Up: Grab some massage oil and put it all over both of your bodies. Find a big blanket or towel that you don’t mind getting a little messy and place it on the bed or the floor. Explore each other and roll around for a bit. The difference in skin to skin contact with oils is worth the mess.
  3. Old School : Go into the garage and get in your car. Hop in the backseat for a little nostalgia. Role play and pretend that you are teaching your partner about being intimate for the first time. It can be a lot of fun and you may even learn something new that your partner likes.
  4. Tie Up: Grab four men’s neckties. Use them to tie his arms and legs to the bed and then tease away. It will drive him crazy because he has none of the control and it will give you a lot of power to do whatever you want to him. The s*x after this game will be intense.
  5. Bad Girl: Grab a hairbrush, wooden spoon, or have him use his hand. Tell him about all of the bad things that you have done for today and why you deserve to have a spanking. Spanking may seem silly or painful but when you are ar0used it actually feels really good and can heighten the feeling in other parts close by.
  6. Timer Game: Take an egg timer. Set a certain amount of time (usually 10 or 20 minutes for most couples). Make a rule that foreplay must last for this amount of time and no actual p*netration can occur until the timer goes off. This will get the both of you good and hot and you will find that once that timer goes off the fun really begins.


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