Wednesday, 8 April 2015

eat small portions of food often


Metabolism is the edge most people have over people in terms of staying fit.
Most slim people you see are not just blessed with good genes, they also have very fast metabolism, this is why they are able to eat everything and not gain a pound.
Just in case, you are not in the fast metabolism category, here are seven ways to boost your metabolism and burn calories too.
  1. Drink lots of water, this really help in boosting your metabolism.
  2. Have plenty of sleep- it is important to have at least eight hours of sleep in order for body to function properly.
  3. Eat often- Most people think the way to be fit is to starve, the reverse is actually the case. The proper thing is to practice portion control and eat small meals often, eat at least six times in small portions in order to boost your metabolism.
  4. Keep moving- Most fit, slim people have one thing in common, they move a lot. They are rarely still, this helps boost their metabolism and burns calories too. So, try to change positions and move around a lot.
  5. Spices- Immediately spices are mentioned, most people automatically go to pepper. Pepper works but there others too, including ginger, garlic, nutmeg and others, add spices to your meals in order to excite your taste buds and boost your metabolism.
  6. High- intensity intervals- The body dislikes  exercise routines,so, once your body is used to a particular workout, it stops burning as much calories and eventually, it stops burning at all. So, endeavour to have high intensity intervals in your workouts, for example, you can jog for a few minutes, then sprint, then slow down into a jog, this way, your body is always surprised and keeps burning calories even while you are not working out.
  7. Eat foods that contain fiber.
All of the above will help you boost your metabolism and help you burn calories in no time.


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