Thursday, 2 April 2015

A bride


It's normal for you as a bride to be excited about all the details of your wedding plans, there are some things you are better off not sharing until the big day.
As the planning progresses, you may be tempted to share with family and friends all your achievements, from the menu to the final choice for your wedding cake.
However, it isn't always a good idea to give out too much info before the wedding day. Here are seven secrets you should keep before your big day:
  1. The wedding dress: Few things excite a bride more than having a new dress, but that doesn't mean you have to run to tell or show it to everyone. It’s best to share the details of your dress only to those closest to you, like your mom, your sister and your friends.
  2. Your hair and makeup: You’ll surely have your hair and makeup test weeks or even months in advance, and you’re probably dying to take a couple of selfies once you’re fully done. However, avoid sharing photos on social networks, this will make you look even more stunning on your wedding day because no one will be waiting to see you like this.
  3. The guest list: It’s not a good idea to share the details of your guest list, especially since there will always be someone who asks why you didn’t invite so and so, or who complains because you invited someone. To avoid problems, it’s better not to comment much on your guest list and let everyone find out who got invited or not on the big day itself.
  4. Wedding favours: You may have found the perfect favours for your guests, yet sharing this can be seen as distasteful. So keep it under wraps till the wedding day.
  5. Your wedding decor: Surely you don't want your guests to know all the details of your wedding before the D-day, so avoid sharing photographs of the details of your decor.
  6. Surprises: If you have prepared something special for your guests, such as a surprise dance, a video, a corner of memories, an acrobatic show or anything that you have prepared, don’t tell anyone, especially if you really want it to be a surprise.
  7. The first dance song: This song should be representative of your relationship, either because it reminds you of some important moment of your engagement or just because you love the lyrics and you share what they say. Once you have defined the song for your first dance, don’t tell anyone! so it will be a super romantic moment that will delight everyone.

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