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Many men have at one time or the other been left hanging by their penises.
After they've managed to get their lover aroused and primed for a steamy hot session of bedroom exercise, the main man goes limp after spilling juice.
Sometimes, the erection is hardly up before the sperm is spilled, getting off just seconds after getting intimate.
When premature ejaculation (PE) happens, it can kill a man's ego, pride and sexual appetite, so much that the idea of having sex brings trepidation.
Good news is, you can fight and conquer this problem with the ‘Stop-and-Start’ technique that has worked for many.
The ‘Stop-and-Start’ style is a common behavioral, non-drug therapy which only requires you to identify your "mid-level excitement" during sex and steer it.
1.       Get off before you get in. Sometimes, men suffer PE because they've not been aroused for a long while. Men who have not had sex in a while and have not masturbated in a long while can find it hard to keep the excitement down when they get some action. So they spill easy. If you are one of them, get a hand-job (or oral), from yourself or your partner, and ejaculate before penetrating the vagina. It works. It’s like reducing the sperm overload load.
2.       Get in and pause. When you finally penetrate, watch out as your sexual excitement builds up. When you notice you’re losing it, stop thrusting and pause. It will stop the ejaculation from happening.
3.       Get out if you can. The moistness of the vagina, especially when you’re not using a condom, can keep you very excited and cause you to go off. So, if you can, get the penis out of the honeypot… briefly.
4.       Give her body some love. While you are out of her vagina or paused, give her body some loving. This will keep her pleasured and not turn the experience into a boring episode. You might consider giving her oral sex or using your hands to explore her body.
5.       Get back into the game. When you notice that you have taken control of your body, penetrate again and repeat steps 1-5 over and over again until you have no choice but to let go.
6.       Get your mind cleaned up. Sometimes, the reason you’re suffering from PE is that you are worrying too much. Performance anxiety and stress can cause you to have erectile dysfunction.
7.       Get healthy. One other thing you could do is to lay off bad lifestyle choices like alcohol, drugs and smoking. All three have dire consequences on your sexual performance.
Wha’anda also advices that you talk about your PE problems with your partner… and, if the tips above don’t help you, consult your doctor.
You might have a real problem on your hands.


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