Wednesday, 8 April 2015

A happy couple


One of the things that destroys marriages is the failure of couples to realize that men and women are different, and may not always behave in similar ways.
Therefore, there are some habits that a husband and wife need to exhibit in order to make their marriage last and avoid unnecessary chaos in the home.
Here are eight tips on the kinds of habits that couples should cultivate if they want their marriage to last long.
  1. Celebrate each other’s success: Always smile and share exhilaration for each other's achievements, for instance, in response to promotion or salary increase. Couples who share excitement can have satisfying relationships. In addition, a celebration provides an occasion to boost up his/her ego and also to highlight your status as a team.
  2. Look after yourself: The first thing you need to establish for a successful marriage is to take care of yourself both physically and spiritually. This way, your stress will go completely downhill and your tolerance level can be up. It is just that simple. By doing this, you won't get on each other nerves when you are facing a crisis.
  3. Get to know your spouse's friends: You may be very close with the few friends you have, but remember to build a rapport with your partner’s buddies as well. The more a couple's friends and family interact, there are chances for a happy relationship between the spouses. The tip for long lasting marriage is to add your spouse in the network of your friends. This will make him/her feel that they are part of your family.
  4. Don't stop dating: It is always said that the quality of time is what matters and not the quantity of time. Make sure to spend a lot of time together. Try to be together and do things jointly. If you don’t have much time to spend together because of your hectic schedule, then try a fun date at the grocery store. It may not be the perfect romantic getaway but still you can focus on each other, talk and really enjoy being together.
  5. Revive romance in bed: Staying intimate and passionately connected is the surest thing you can do for a long lasting marriage. Most couples these days suffer from low sex drive and some experts suggest that putting sex back on your radar can help each other to rekindle romance.
  6. Communicate differently: What most partners don't understand is that people have a tendency to communicate differently. The important tip for everlasting marriage is trying to find ways to help your partner share feelings and try to work out problems together. Try to be a communicator yourself and make it a rule to never let anger last for more than a day. Always make sure you resolve issues before going to bed.
  7. Engage in humour: Laughing can be the best solution if you’re facing problems and having some crisis. Laughter is the most important way of experiencing joy and exhilaration. It helps to resolve stress and it even tries to enhance the physiological functioning of the body. Try to inject humour in your everyday activities such as sharing some giggles about things that happened during the day or at work. You can even try an out of the blue hug or unexpected peck on the cheek every now and then.
  8. Give your partner space: Alone time is important. Couple's don't really need to be together all the time. Whenever your partner needs some space, it doesn't mean he doesn’t love you anymore. Spending alone time doesn’t mean that your partner is having problems with you. Most couple prefer personal space at home such as wanting to spend time reading, watching TV or doing some extra work without anyone troubling him/her.


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