Friday, 3 April 2015

Hair trimming

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We’ve all heard the golden hair rule: “You must get your hair trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks.”
This has long been the standard when it comes to maintaining the health and shape of a haircut, but do you really need to hit the salon that often?
According to Jen Atkin, the answer is no. The pro, who’s the founder of online hair destination Mane Addicts, says one of the most common mistakes women make with their hair is cutting it too frequently.
“Somehow people have been taught that you need to cut your hair every 4 to 6 weeks and I think that’s way too soon,” she says. “If you have a great cut and don’t mind a little added length, the style can last up to 6 months and still look great.”
So, how can you keep your strands looking healthy between visits?
“Using the right products for your hair, regular deep conditioning treatments at home, and taking vitamins are really all you need to maintain healthy hair,” she says.
She recommends applying Rita Hazan’s Weekly Remedy or Leonor Greyl’s Masque Quintessence once every week. “It can be pricey, but it lasts forever and is cheaper than the cost of a haircut every 6 weeks,” she adds.


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