Friday, 10 April 2015

Reverse French manicure nail art


More than ever, it's time for your beauty look to make a statement. The reverse French manicure can do just that for you.
You need to rock an avant-garde manicure just for this purpose.
While the precise lines of this design might make you nervous, don't fret.
Use a striping brush to make the lines sharp, but for the wobbly-handed among us, firmly planting your lower arms on the table as you paint.
"You're less likely to shake when you rest your elbows and wrists on a table — this will give you a sturdy foundation," Mimi explains.
Here's all you will be needing to know.
Step 1: Base colour
After applying a base coat, apply two layers of a cotton-candy pink to all of your nails.
Step 2: Accent colour
Using one coat of a turquoise lacquer, paint a circle that goes no further than halfway up the nail. You don't have to be neat with this step! It'll mostly be covered by the next color.
Step 3: Details
Next, take a striper brush and a beige nail polish, and create two shapes on your nail. A semicircle and an upside-down V. The semicircle should be about a fifth of the way down your nail from the cuticle, and the V should cut out a triangle on your blue circle.
Step 4: Fill
Using the beige lacquer's brush, fill in your semicircle and the outer sides of the V until only a triangle of blue and a crescent of pink appear on your nail.
Finished look
Slap some clear nail polish on to protect your carefully created work, and you're ready to roll!
View each step in gallery.


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