Wednesday 1 April 2015

Unhappy African couple


A lot of people find it hard to face reality sometimes and admit that their relationship is over, especially if they've been stuck in an unhealthy union for so long.
If you and your partner are not happy with each other, a breakup might be an intelligent option for both of you to consider, because it's really not worth it to remain in a relationship that's not working.
Below are some ways to know for certain that your relationship as you know it has neared its final lap:
  • You can’t stop fighting: There’s no perfect relationship, but constant fighting is not healthy in any way. It’s okay if you fight once in a while, but when you and your partner fight every day, even over minor or inconsequential things, it’s time to say goodbye to your relationship or look for smart ways to stop the endless fighting. Find out the reason of your fights: money, female friends or job. If you are realize you two are constantly fighting for no apparent reason, your relationship may well be over.
  • He doesn’t call you anymore: In the beginning of your relationship, your partner used to call you and text you several times a day. He sent you romantic messages and gifts. Now, he is too busy to call you or even text you. When you call him, he doesn’t have any second to say how much he misses you. He never texts you back as well. That's a clear sign he is not interested in you anymore.
  • He is always busy: Of course, there are times when your partner may be very busy and you are not supposed to disturb him. But if he is always busy, then it’s just a ready-made excuse. It’s easier to say 'I’m busy' than to spend the whole evening and night with a person you don’t love anymore. Find out if your man is actually very busy, it’s not difficult to check.
  • You are not interested in him: If you don’t want to spend time with your partner, you stop loving his jokes and his touch. Just let your partner know that you want to end the relationship. He has a right to know it. If you think of meeting another guy while dating your partner, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste your partner’s time! Honesty and respect are the things that you should never forget about, no matter what.
  • He forgets all special occasions: If your partner forgets your birthday, it’s a sad experience. Maybe, you don’t expect expensive gifts and a large bouquet of flowers, but you do expect your partner to show you how much he loves you and cares about you. If he forgets all special occasions, including your birthday, he doesn’t care about you anymore. Move on!
  • You don’t have anything to talk about: Remember when you first started your relationship, you could talk all night long without any awkward silences. Now, you don’t have anything to talk about. You spend a lot of time fighting over trifles and you rarely talk about your love and your future family and kids. If you don’t know how to start a conversation with your partner or he doesn’t want to talk to you because he is always busy, it’s a red flag.
  • He talks a lot about his female friend: If your partner has some female friends, it may not as bad as you think. If he talks about them all day long, though, it’s time to find out more information about his new female friend. The worst thing is when he confuses names and calls you another name (and it happens more than once).


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