Friday, 10 April 2015



So many guys profess to love a girl and yet can’t keep their eyes off another lady. Some claim it is the natural man instinct. Well, my dear, you have got to know what you are getting into, before he mashes the mellow.
You are a special person and you do not need to be tossed about or used as a trophy. Here are some signs to help you know the guy is a womaniser.
1. He consistently calls you the other girl’s name.
2. He is always looking at another woman, even when you are with him.
3. He is quick to make and break promises.
4. His excuses do not check out, as in, when he says he was with his friends and he is not there.
5. Never lets you meet his friends, or he uses coded words when you are with them.
6. He always has something un-complimentary to say about every girl when he is with you. Claims they are the ones that are disturbing him.
7. Always wants to meet with you on his own terms and in secluded places.
8. Suspiciously romantic.
9. He locks his phones always.
10. He does not respect women. He sees them as sex things.


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