Wednesday 8 April 2015



We may have heard the phrase, 'It's not what you eat, but when you eat it' like a gazzillion times, but how many of us has it actually worked for?
The major problem seems to be that they are telling us what to do but not how to do it.
So if you have been doing all the right work outs, and the occasional 'starving', you're in luck because this routine wont leave you feeling deprived and it actually works!
Michelle Bridges, a trainer on The Biggest Loser: Australia and author of The Total Body Transformation, helps us out by sharing a mantra that's easy to remember when you're trying to lose weight.
"Eat like a king for breakfast, eat like a prince for lunch, and eat like a pauper for dinner," she tells us.
Not only will you have more time to burn off a big meal if you eat it the morning, but starving yourself during the day can lead to bad choices at night.
"The most common thing for all of my contestants on the show is that they don't eat breakfast, they barely eat anything during the day, and then they pig out and end up consuming more calories [at night]," Michelle says. "You can't beat Mother Nature, so don't try to play games with her."
Other trainers and nutritionists agree that breakfast is where it's at if you want to indulge.
Bob Harper also advises weight-loss clients to front-load their heavy meals earlier in day; celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson tells his clients to avoid carbs like rice, pastas, and grains later in the day if they are trying to look their best, since these water-retaining foods "blur, to a certain degree, definition and muscle separation."
Nutritionist Shira Lenchewski says that our circadian rhythm of our bodies causes metabolic changes that make a large meal heavy with carbs easier to burn off if it's eaten earlier in the day.
While this strategy isn't exactly permission to splurge on your favourite calorie filled foods every day, it's a good rule to follow with your healthy-eating plan.


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