Wednesday, 8 April 2015

A man with two ladies


Believe it or not, dating women these is as risky as 'going into the arctic tundra', according to elitedaily.
Nowadays, it appears bright and educated, career-oriented women, feel that they are more likely to be single than their less intelligent counterparts.
It seems the bimbos get the man and the smart ladies never find bliss. So what could be reason for this ?
According to financial reporter, John Carney, "Successful men date less successful women not because they want 'women to be dumb' but rather because they want 'someone who prioritizes their life in a way that's compatible with how you prioritize yours.'"
These days, it seems men want women who won't let their career come before pleasing their men first. If she doesn't, she faces stiff competition from many others who will refuse to fight their men, and will see them as 'saviours' not challengers.
According to elitedaily, it's a do or die affair. "If you're stupid, you're not taken seriously, but if you're smart, you're taken too seriously. Women everywhere are flailing under this double-edged sword. A beautiful, attractive female isn't desirable for her mind, and those with strong characters are seen as threatening, masculine and undesirable."
A recent study on 121 British participants showed that women with high intelligence posed a problem, while men with high intelligence were 'desirable', not problematic. Cultural stereotypes and gender biases are therefore, not letting women be seen as equals. Rational and educated women are ignored.
Most intelligent women may be courted, but then tend to get dumped as 'not worth the effort.' Hence, 'women everywhere are dipping far below their standards just to find men who appreciate them. They are giving up things they thought they wanted for nothing more than a simple 'he's good to me.''
Being intelligent is still making women lose years at dating or prioritising their careers. It simply means that their best bet for boyfriends were being lost for men who were building up their careers.
Feeling threatened and challenged by intelligent women, who they feel are arrogant and will upstage them, most men like to settle for the less challenging kinds.
In an article published by The Daily Beast, Dr. Eileen Pollack explains, "There are all these contradictions that are propagated in our culture that make it seem like you can't be smart and sexy. I don't think most of us challenge the paradigms, we just absorb them."
Hmm... does this mean that women who are getting hitched these days are the dumb ones? Just asking. But guys, what do you think about this relationship study?
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