Monday, 13 April 2015

Getting An Employer's Attention


1. Target 10-15 specific employers in your preferred industry(ies) and geographic location(s)

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that you’re passing by great opportunities if you focus too much on specific companies. By leveraging a strategic approach to your targets, you dramatically increase your access to current and future job openings while short-cutting your search length.

2. Study the LinkedIn profile of each of your company targets

With LinkedIn’s help, you can quickly identify the folks in your network who are connected to each firm in question by reviewing the list on the right-hand side of each employer’s profile. Your first-level connections to the company are probably your strongest connections. To make the most of your second-level connections, you may need to request an introduction from the contact(s) you share in common.

3. Build multi-layered social media connections at each target company

Network your way in to your target department(s) and reach out to connect with multiple people in relevant parts of the company. Note that this means not just inviting folks to connect, but looking for ways to initiate and sustain an ongoing conversation via social media, email, or phone so they can get to know you and you can eventually request a referral into the appropriate department.

4. Forge proactive relationships with these connections

Take the initiative to start conversations, to find out how you can help them in their work, and to learn more about their workplace and career needs. Suggest helpful resources and forward links, articles, blog posts, news, and white papers that relate to their needs. Keep the conversation going by asking relevant questions and demonstrating a respectful curiosity about their work.


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