Thursday, 9 April 2015



We all have our indulgences, more often than not actually. We find it difficult to say no to your colleagues that wanna go binge in Cold Stone or when someone orders pizza in the office.
We totally get it, but is it worth it?
More often than not, we just like the idea of losing weight and not the act of losing weight itself.
We are not willing to deprive ourselves of these little treats yet we looked shocked when we look in the mirror and see our bloated self.
The one secret you need to know when it comes to losing weight conveniently is, 'Portion Control'.
As far as you know your limit and can actually control yourself, you get to eat all those sweet little treats, (emphasis on the word little) and still keep in shape.
What could be more delicious than that? You do not have to deprive yourself yet you still fit into your favourite bodycon dress.
Just as you cannot stop smoking overnight, you cannot totally cut yourself off from your favourite foods and snacks.
Bottom line? Keep your self on a strict portion control regimen and watch yourself stay trim as you still indulge in the sweet things of life!


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