Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Sexual or not, kisses leave an unbeatable tinge of pleasure
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Kisses are sweet.
One of the most intimate shared-experiences you could have is kissing, especially soft, unhurried lip contact.
Sexual or not, kisses leave an unbeatable tinge of pleasure.
If you have not been kissing, you’re missing out and you’re cheating your woman out of a whole world of pleasure, keeping further away from orgasm.
So you should really consider touching these 11 spots when next you’re in bed:
  1. Lips. Starting with a soft kiss on the lips, move your tongue into her mouth and suck on her tongue. No rush. It all has to be soft and gentle … don’t fill her mouth with spittle.
  2. Neck. The nape is a good place to place a soft wet kiss, anytime, any day. The lightest contact on that sensitive region is enough. Do it with calculated pacing and you’ll blow her off.
  3. Collarbone. The spot where the neck meets chest and shoulder is a good place to place a kiss.
  4. Breasts and nipples. Boobs and lips were made to be together forever. The areola, the nipples and the breasts themselves love to be teased. Lick and kiss alternatively for maximum effect.
  5. Lower breast to navel. Drive her crazy with staccato of kisses from beneath her breasts to her navel region. Explosive!
  6. Ears. The ears are sensitive to wet touch, especially from tongue and lips. Kiss and whisper at the same time.
  7. Spine. The spine is very sensitive; placing kisses from the top down to the small of her back will leave her arching, primed.
  8. Ribs and sides: A soft, dragging lick from your lips and tongue around the ribs can be tickly and sweet. It feels great, especially if your lips are sufficiently wet.
  9. Inner thighs. The skip around the thigh is very is very sensitive. A kiss there, even though clothing does much.
  10. Vagina: The vagina is extremely sensitive; it will react sweetly to a touch from your tongue and lips.
Being a good kisser is a plus for any man. The ultimate rule is that you should not be slurpy, don’t leave saliva all over her face or body.


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